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Betonowe Drewno Ogrodowe

Właścicielem marki BDO jest 4Globe Sp z o.o.

Wood-effect Concrete for the Garden is a decorative functional element for streets and gardens formed in concrete and designed for the creation of garden paths, steps, edging for flower beds and embankments. By contrast with wood, concrete requires no maintenance, nor does it decay, deform or fade. As such, these elements remain unchanged even with the passage of years. In addition, the natural texture of this 'wood' will be in winter the ideal non-slip surface.


Wood-effect Concrete for the Garden is an almost perfect copy of tree trunk, with the highly distinct growth rings, colouration, cracked surface, bark and knots which wood is known to possess; reproduction of the colours of the wood and bark is the result of a careful selection of concrete dyes. Every detail corresponds precisely to the actual structure of wood, while the production technology applied means that the effect will remain in place long years.


While the commonly used paving stone is a durable solution, and one which looks effective enough, is it the right product for your garden? Can a jutting piece of concrete, coloured red and so grandly named a palisade, be satisfactory for your flower bed? A path of well-laid wooden trunks overgrown with grass or the everyday grey concrete slab known as a paving stone? We can help you to choose - take a look at our sample designs.


All of us have seen a wooden surface, its colour, growth rings and texture recalling the truly luxurious. Unfortunately, wood looks attractive for but a few years, and when used in the garden a shorter time still. The wood begins to lose its natural colour, it crumbles and deforms. Imagine a product which is an almost perfect copy of wood, yet at the same time cheaper and without the flaws - this is Wood-effect Concrete for the Garden.